Our Founder,   T. Martin Brown

Imagine pretending all of your life because you lived in a location where you felt you couldn’t be yourself.

Imagine going to school, church, work, and out with friends in a hometown where being authentic meant that you would lose relationships with family and friends, where you would be talked about, where you would be humiliated.

Statistics indicate that the LGBTQ+ population is small, from 3-7% depending on the study. But, there is under-reporting because individuals feel afraid to be themselves. Regardless of the number, no human should live this way. Everyone deserves to be who they are.

GOAL wants people everywhere to live authentically. Some geographic locations make this problematic. I grew up in one of these areas. Typically, rural areas are not open to the LGBTQ+ community. GOAL wants to use a loving approach to change this. We want to provide for individuals of the LGBTQ+ community the same opportunities to be authentic right where they live. We are LGBTQ Advocates!