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Ignore the Noise

Ignore the noise. Put it aside. Separate yourself from the chaos. Push back, away from the things that have trapped you, distracted you, and stolen moments from you. Ignore the noise.

Ignore the noise that comes from the negativity and hate hurled at you. Deflect it from yourself. Move away from the source, or sources of it. Stand tall in spite of what others say about you, to you. Ignore the noise.

Ignore the noise inside your own head, the worst kind, the repetition of negativity, the reel that plays over and again. Silence the inner voice of contrarian thought, the one that beats you down, holds you back, silences the good. Ignore it, the one that tells you that you have no worth, no value, no purpose in being. Don't listen. Better, yet, create a new voice.

Create a voice that says you will not only survive, but begin to thrive. One that sees who you are. It recognizes and addresses weaknesses, while magnifying and accentuating the good in you, the part of you that needs to flourish. Yes, create and nourish a voice in you that reworks and reframes everything that the other voice tells you is lacking. Learn quickly to turn the old voice into your new voice.

Ignore the noise, the chaos around you, all about you. Build yourself up with the new voice you have created and grown. Become that of which the new voice speaks. You are not less than; you are equal to. The world, people, family, friends might not always see it. But, they don't need to. It isn't a requirement for you to grow and flourish in your new self, or the self that was buried.

Embrace the sound of the new voice, the inner yearning, the freedom you have found. A freedom that sets you apart from most. And, live in it fully, to the fullest of your ability. You are unique. You are you.

You are white, brown, black, or another color of the rainbow. You are lesbian, bisexual, gay, trans, queer, an ally, or something other. We all are queer. But, whatever you are, that is what you are meant to, or are created, to be.

Ignore the noise, the chaos, the hate, the busyness, the oppression, the holding back. Ignore it all. Whatever the source, ignore it. Embrace the new sound of your own inner dialogue that builds you up and displays your capability, your passion, your joy, your love, your compassion, and your talent.

Let your new voice be heard. Do not fear transitioning toward your inner yearnings and your new voice, beyond your thoughts. Exercise your voice, project it. Use it to take what is yours, to build up others in the same way, to teach, and to help. Unite your voice, the one that grew from deep within. Use it with me, with us. One Voice, united, strong, effective, loving, caring, and changing the world around us.

Ignore the noise. Find your voice. Share it with the world. And, watch the world change around you.

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